Industry Circle Leader (ICL) Initiative

This initiative aims to identify Industry Circle Leaders (ICLs) to
champion latest industry trends and share good news stories to inspire GIPA's stakeholders in Indonesia and overseas.

ICLs from various industries across G20 and ASEAN will allow GIPA to get closer to Industry specific issues and
latest developments that are relevant to the three Centre of Excellences. ICLs will be encouraged
to share inspirational stories on their achievements to date, and motivational tips through their personal career journeys.

Industry Circle Leaders champion latest industry trends
and share good news stories

Why does GIPA drive Industry Circle Leaders (ICLs) initiative?
  • To capture ICLs’ latest industry specific insights and trends, providing inputs towards the ongoing works at GIPA’s three Centres of Excellence (CoEs)1
  • To inspire GIPA’s stakeholders in Indonesia and overseas with real faces and personal stories from Indonesian professionals and executives working abroad across G20 and ASEAN
  • To highlight executives and mid-level professionals’ diverse career paths in going global among the 8 industry groups
How ICLs will also benefit Overseas Professional Hubs?
  • To engage prospective ICLs for possible speaking engagement at the relevant Overseas Professional Hubs (either sharing their personal career journeys / their industry insights)
  • To tap into ICLs as a potential growth engine by encouraging Indonesian university students / entry level professionals to work in jurisdictions covered by Overseas Professional Hubs
How this will benefit individual ICLs?
  • Personal level – increasing number of individuals are keen to contribute on their own ways. ICLs initiative could be an easy way for them to give back at the same time further honing their public speaking skills and wider self development area
  • Community level – increasing number of individuals are keen to work cross borders and ICLs initiative could be a good opportunity for individuals to stay connected with GIPA’s global initiatives and with various Overseas Professional Hubs across Americas, EMEA and Asia Pacific

Industry Circle Leaders

Indonesian professionals leading in their respective industries who champion latest industry trends and
share inspirational stories to inspire GIPA's stakeholders in Indonesian and overseas.

Agus Sudjianto

Executive Vice President Head of Corporate Model at Wells Fargo

Griffen Lim

Partner at Make Architects | Hong Kong

Soyfyan Saputra

Technical Account Manager at Google Cloud

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