About Us

Global Indonesia Professionals’ Association (GIPA) was kickstarted in 2019 with the aim of promoting business and investment links through highly talented Indonesian professionals and executives overseas— a true partner for Indonesia’s economic diplomacy.

As part of this effort, we run initiatives to:
Support the transition of Indonesian students to professionals and professionals to executives overseas
Represent common concerns/pain points of Indonesian professionals and executives abroad through the production of strategic bi-annual white papers
Facilitate business and investment links to encourage the flow of foreign investments into Indonesia
Since our initiation, we now represent 2500+ Indonesian professionals
and executives working across G20 and ASEAN countries.
GIPA represents Indonesian Professionals and Executives working across G20 and ASEAN countries in the following 8 industry groups:


Healthcare and Life Sciences



Public Sector and International Organizations

Industrials, Products, and Logistics

Infrastructure, Energy and Resources

Creative, Communication and Media

Leadership Council

Steven Marcelino

Chairman; Head of Business and Investment Links CoE

Hilmi Kartasasmita

Head of Indonesia and Strategic Initiatives

Putri Realita

Head of Professional Development

Deryl Imanalie

Head of Economic Diplomacy

Hans Topril

Secretary General

Kei Putri

Head of Public Relations

Yosafat Tampi

Head of People

Difa Farzani

Head of Public Advocacy

Stakeholder Management Team

Project Management, Content Management, and Stakeholder Engagement

Amelinda M. Agus

Operations Manager of GHC Summit

Bagus Raihan

Volunteer Legal Advisor

Diko Habib

Vice Chair of GHC Summit

Mufida Savira

Partnership Manager of GHC Summit

Alif Istighfary

Indonesia Hub Manager

Veny Puspasari

Events Manager

Helen Chaterin

Community Manager

Nathania Adella

Media & Design Manager

Raffa Athallah

Press & Communications manager

Bayu Suyatno

Website & Digital Manager

Fakhri Nalendro

Overseas Professional Hubs Relations Manager

Rania Soetirto

Overseas Professional Hubs Analytics Manager

Jason Riady

Economic Diplomacy Associate

Schalke Anindya

Economic DiplomacyAssociate

Valerie Barki

Professional Development Associate

Indira Cader

Public Advocacy Associate

Jasmine Akbar

Public Advocacy Associate

Secretariat Team

Branding, Communications, Digital Engagement, Media Relation, and Impact Analysis

Industry Circle Leaders

Indonesian professionals leading in their respective industries who champion latest industry trends and
share inspirational stories to inspire GIPA's stakeholders in Indonesian and overseas.

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